CloudTV 3.9.6 for Mac Cracked Full Version [Latest]

CloudTV 3.9.6 for Mac Cracked Full Version [Latest]

CloudTV 3.9.6 for Mac Cracked Full Version [Latest]

CloudTV allows you to watch over 800 live TV channels from all over the world, as well as download thousands of catch-up programmes from the UK and France, complete with smart playlists and support for AirPlay.

What’s New ?

  • Complete overhaul of the support for Arte’s catchup service: Added support for catchup metadata in French, German, English, Spanish and Polish Added support for alternative versions for the videos, for streaming and permanent download (soundtrack in French, German & audiodescription, subtitles in English, Spanish and Polish) CloudTV will load the appropriate language for the metadata & version based on the system’s settings, if the user’s language isn’t supported it will default to English

CloudTV Mac Crack


  • Stream hundreds of live TV channels: Enjoy over 800 live tv channels from all over the world (UK, Ireland, USA, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Germany, China, etc). No need for antennas or boxes, as long as you have access to WiFi, you’re on! (Note: due to broadcasting rights, some channels restrict their access to their designated countries).
  • Binge-watch catch-up programmes: Nothing’s on? No worries! Stream thousands of catch-up programmes from BBC channels (access restricted to UK IP addresses) or a selection of French TV channels, or download them forever, DRM free! You can even use them to create your ideal channels thanks to smart playlists with your own criteria.
  • Back to the TV: Stream live and catch-up programmes to your Apple TV through AirPlay (requires macOS X 10.11).
  • Sleek, simple, awesome: CloudTV has a beautifully simple interface: just click and play! CloudTV doesn’t require any plugins and as such is fully compatible with VoiceOver.


CloudTV 3.8.7 For Mac Cracked Full Version [Latest]

Download Link

CloudTV 3.9.6 For Mac Full Version Dmg (48.3 MB) | Mirror

CloudTV 3.9.6 for Mac Cracked Full Version [Latest]


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